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Above the glorious artwork of …
… The great beauty of surroundings
Our feathered friends fly high …
… spreading colours of the wings
And brotherhood all around us …
… Soft feathers ride the howling wind
Swings freely in the heavenly …
… beds of fluttering angels
Dancing in the showing rain …
… of happy tears with excitement
Singing melodiously- the lyrics …
… truly composed by nature
Voice expressing holy words …
… Shimmering with love
Hanging down the twinkling stars …
…. Dreaming on the luminous moon
Playing happily in the sky

  • By Fatima Jamshed


In the foggy winter nights
My vision blurred with sad tears
Heavenly moon shimmers bright
And I am walking here
Alone without any happy cheers
o’the dark woods
Through the haunted scary shadows
Listening to the sounds of unknown
Silent whisperings with the cold air
which turns into a smoke
Sad thoughts of past memory
o’the dark woods
Feelings of great happiness
Leaves me alone in the pond of blue
Drowns in the waves with misery
It’s too much darkness
for a colourful minded rainbow
o’ The dark woods
Thrills and glows of joy
are just the glacing dreams
Sleeping on the branches of
dead trees
God wake me from this nightmare
o’the dark woods


Searching through the good olden days
Going back in times of goodness and feel
Journey of the past when moments became haze
And miracle that makes present heal

Images that creates a lovely warm smile
Sights of explosions of laughter and storms of cry
Flying debris of dusty album with sweet divine
Light shines in the expressing wet eyes

Shimmer full of greatest surprises
The funny faces of the best friends
Moments that truly mesmerises
Are the memories ….



My wonders make me stay awakened
throughout the restless late nights
And the midnight riders of my imagination
Takes me to journey of a beautiful place
That I have never been

Travelling through the dark sky
As the natural lanterns smile
With unique patterns of design
Twinkling like the jewelleries
Of the continuous milky galaxy

Night face lighting up the nightmare
Of the haunted thoughts I once had
The feelings of hope inside my heart
Expresses the beats with warm happiness
Makes me a happy person again

My soul leading me towards
The garden with dancing heads
And sprinkles of bursting colours
Reflect the tears in my eyes
Falling on the green strands

Angels singing the lyrics
Of the great holy words
Lullaby to the innocent souls
A sweet melodious voice
Music to my ears

Life is a precious gift
Creations our almighty has made
Are the blessings which none can deny
And it has to end one day
In the gateway of brightness ….

  • By Fatima Jamshed



I just came back from school with results of my rewarding hard-work studying for day and night to apologize to you guys

I’m finally back on the website I was not posting recently as I had my final exams I’m still a middle -school who has very tough exams and is going through the growing ages of life.


I’m very sorry once again. I promise to post regularly now


Evening dusk vanishes into silent nightfall…
… Night darkness spreads the great sky
Makes me sleep in the cold blanket of white snow …
… Seeing dreams of desirable fantasies and wishes
The faint rise of the magical twilight ….
…Fireworks shimmer with excitement in the heart
As I celebrate together sharing my friendly vibes
Lights in the firmament glowing with its bright smile …
…Sparkles the clouds with decorations of welcoming winter
Full of beautiful majestic hews …. Springs joy from my soul
Candles of the heavens lit by our almighty lord …
… Brings peace to heavenly angels with flames of purity

-By Fatima Jamshed


In the heavenly lands above and below …
… Miracle shines from the mother nature
A blessed beauty is born in the spring gardens
of colourful posies shimmering shades of rainbows …
… Daisies comforts themselves on the soft petals ..
Fluttering their charming wings through the street…
blooms of the welcoming season with warmth of sun..
… Tree hums slowly to the happy singing birds
Heart of the nature … filled with twittering …
… chirps sung by our feathering friends
Spring season spreading imaginations … is truly
… Grand season with fantasies… and desire of mankind …
…. Looking around with laughing eyes

-By Fatima Jamshed


Photo by Jan Van Bizar on

Look above the sun is saying goodbye
Faint twilight beam shines through the …
… Firmament spreads blood to the beds of angels
Meadows on the ground blushes with the sky …
… And the howling winds laughs all the way
Daisies dances in the drawings of landscapes …
Buttercups reflects the shade of pure gold …
… Everywhere filling the lush green fields with
Admires of the charming beauty full of love …
Running around the garth with joy in my heart …
… Writing my words makes my soul remember the…
… True moments together with pleasure of nature
Great artworks hanging from the heavens …
…Birds flight flies during the evening dusk
As the heavenly moon shimmers in the nightfall …
Unique patterns of the twinkling stars …. Sparkles
… sharing a smile of the almighty god

-By Fatima Jamshed


I have many friends . Because of my funny sense of humour I spread friendship with everyone and I never felt very lonely in my life but I always have a habit to observe small things we are blessed with. I have a closest, best friend , The nature. Nature is my inspiration to imagine and write my deep thoughts and share my true experience with the world. Nature helped me discover my passion and incredible talent which is my personality pride. Journey with my closest friend made me realise that everything has a beauty but not everyone sees it with their eyes . I am touched with the surroundings around me but unfortunately people are destroying our environment . I want to say that don’t snatch this magical gift I am blessed with .

  • By Fatima Jamshed


My life is full of imagination …
… and the beautiful pleasant lost thoughts
Sweet night dreams of beyond the curiosity…
… Passionate heart makes me write the …
… Tales of my words with creativity
Stories penned by the day – dreamer …

By Fatima Jamshed